The Design



What is THE CHARMED LIFE, and what is THE ELEGANT GUIDE TO LIFESTYLE DESIGN? It’s being delightfully engaged, finding meaningful success and creating a life of intelligent luxury.

It begins with living fully in the moment and thoroughly enjoying the adventure of life, through all of its interesting twists and turns. It’s remembering that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, right here, right now, and it’s keeping both the past and the future in their rightful places, while still being open to all of the wonderful possibilities. It’s also accepting that change is an integral part of a thriving life, and it’s putting creativity, humor, warmth, intelligence and optimism into all that comes my way. It’s being delightfully engaged.

Next, it’s following a manifesto of doing what I love, doing it well and mentoring others, while ruthlessly protecting my priorities and my values. Whether I’m an entrepreneur, a professional, a creative, a craftsperson, an intellectual, a philanthropist or a homemaker, it’s using my talents to both challenge myself and to make a difference, and it’s being comfortable with my own definition of prosperity. It’s also being fearless in taking the calculated risks that turn an ordinary life and career into something truly extraordinary. It’s finding meaningful success.

Finally, it’s managing my resources to enjoy both breathtaking style and brilliant experiences, whilst choosing quality over quantity as a way of life. It’s traveling the world and embracing other cultures, and it’s investing in a tasteful and collected home, whether it’s in the buzz of a city, in a renovated cottage by the sea or in a quiet village abroad. It’s also appreciating a smaller, more classically relaxed wardrobe, and it’s enjoying gorgeous whole foods and wonderful artisan wines with family and friends. Above all, it’s surrounding myself with more art, music, literature and romance. It’s creating a life of intelligent luxury.

Is it possible to build a charmed life by being delightfully engaged, finding meaningful success and creating a life of intelligent luxury? The answer may be as simple as taking a quick inventory, and then a confident and graceful step forward. A complex goal. An elegant solution.